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Hands making a heart around the sign on an Orange Theory Fitness Gym

We are here to tell you why we bleed orange and absolutely love it.

Hey there! It’s Bryn and Erica – Collin’s sidekicks and sisters (side note – Erica is not a sister by blood but she has been in Collin’s life for well over a decade so she is like a true sister ❤️).

Yes, we are totally and completely obsessed with Orangetheory Fitness – hence, the bleeding orange! We are so obsessed with this gym and talk about it so frequently that we decided it only made sense to post about it on Hip2Save!

Some of you Hip readers may love it too! If you’re interested, the first session is at no-cost to you! Afterward, if you’re a fan, you can then snag a Premier membership for just $24 for the first month!

The weight room at a gym that offers one free class

What is Orange Theory Fitness?

First off, Orangetheory Fitness has gyms scattered all across the country, so you likely have one near you (Bryn works out in Boise, Idaho, and Erica works out in Lakewood Ranch, Florida).

Each one-hour class features high-intensity interval training (HIIT) that blends cardiovascular and strength training. And it’s seriously for ALL fitness levels and ages, so you decide whether you walk, jog, run, or ride – and you set your own pace!

The affirmation wall at the Orange Theory Fitness free class.

Base – Push – All Out – GO! GO! GO!  

On the treadmill, you will push yourself at different levels, and these levels are called ‘Base’, ‘Push’ and ‘All Out’. Sound confusing? It’s not, because your instructor is guiding you the entire time.

  • Base – You are jogging or walking on an incline (getting your heart rate up).
  • Push – You are moving to the next level (trying to get yourself in the orange zone).
  • All Out – You are giving everything you’ve got (these almost never last longer than ONE minute, and the goal is to be in red/orange halfway through these all outs).

Erica wearing the Orange Theory Fitness heart monitor armband

Each participant is required to wear Orangetheory’s heart rate monitor which comes in the form of a wrist monitor like Erica is wearing above (they used to offer a chest monitor but it is no longer an option).

Your real-time heart rate along with a few other parameters like calories burned, heart rate zone, etc. are all displayed on large screens throughout the studio.The leader board at an Orange Theory Fitness gymThe big screen at Orangetheory Fitness

You may think it is a bit weird to have your results displayed up on the screen for the rest of the class to see, BUT I assure you that you really do only focus on your own results and so does everyone else.

Screenshots from the OrangeTheory Fitness App

And it’s easy to keep track of your stats each time you go with the Orangetheory app (available on Google Play and iTunes)! The app will keep track of all your workouts, so you can easily watch your progress.

From the app, you can also view your class history or upcoming class schedule, find workouts you can do at-home, and shop for gear!

Woman running on a treadmill at an Orange Theory free class

The number of machines in each studio may vary, but there are approximately 12 high-end treadmills (seriously, these are the best treadmills we’ve ever run on!), 12 water rowing machines, 12 suspension unit systems, and free weights and benches to accommodate sessions of 10-36 people. If you cannot run/walk or row, there are always bike and strider options, as well.

In each Orangetheory Fitness class, the goal is to produce 12 minutes or more (also called Splat Points) in Zones 4 & 5 combined (these are the orange and red zones). These points are usually earned during the treadmill training portion of the workout.

orangetheory fitness towel and drink bottles

Orange Theory Fitness always pushes you to the next level. You will do things you never thought you could do, and you’ll go home proud of yourself. 🙌

Bryn and Collin at Orange Theory Fitness free class

(Bryn convinced Collin to take her free introductory class)

OK, so wondering why we love Orange Theory Fitness so much?

First of all, it works! We almost always burn over 500 calories in a one-hour class. And thanks to the afterburn concept, we keep burning calories for up to 36 hours. 🙌

Second, every day is different! You never repeat a workout, so every single day is a different combination of treadmill, rowing, and weights.

Plus, everyone we have met is there for one reason only – to complete an intense workout in just 60 minutes with no other typical “gym distractions.” Your time is never wasted! All classes end and start on time so you can get in and out and back to your day!

There’s a time available for everyone. In Boise, classes during the week start at 5 AM and go all the way through 6:45 PM. Some locations may be open even later! Booking your class is super easy too as you schedule right from the Orangetheory app (available on google play and iTunes)!

Orange Theory Fitness App booking screens

When we do get to class, we love the loud, fun music! Be sure to leave your own earbuds at home as the gym is always blasting music selected by each instructor! Some rock out to 80s music, some to hip-hop, country, etc! 🎶

Erica with her Orange Theory Fitness Coach in the locker room

(Super awesome coach in LakewoodRanch, Florida) 

Did we mention the coaches are AMAZING?! Seriously, they are some of the most fun, passionate, and motivational men and women we have ever met! They are full of so much encouragement and spend the entire class coaching you through the workout, demonstrating the weight floor portion of the workout, offering lower impact alternatives, sharing inspirational quotes, and just being cheerleaders .🎉Erica dressed up for a theme week at her OTF fitness center

And, some locations even have super FUN spirit weeks where you can dress up the entire week and each day is different – Favorite Team Day, 80s week, and MORE! 💃

Orangetheory Fitness is like a family!

From the front desk staff to the managers and the coaches, everyone makes an effort to get to know you and make you feel welcome from day one. Even on days when we’re feeling worn out and lacking motivation, we are always glad we came as soon as we walk in the door.

Erica and a friend at Orangetheory fitness

Fellow members are so encouraging too! There are always lots of high-fives and fist pumps, and everyone does support and encourage one another. 🥰

So are there any negatives to Orange Theory Fitness?

The only perceived negative in our opinion is the price. This gym is not cheap (see all the reasons above as to why —> state-of-the-art equipment, awesome coaches, super clean facilities!).

The rates do vary from location to location, but most membership options start at around $80-$90 monthly for about four classes per month or you can pay around $140-$190 monthly for unlimited classes. Both of us have the unlimited Orange Premier membership as we average about five classes per week.

If that sounds like the membership for you, OrangeTheory Fitness is doing a promotion right now where you can score an Orange Premier membership for just $24 for the first month!

Erica wearing the Orangetheory Fitness Heart Monitor armband

It’s worth noting that the corporate office does occasionally offer special packages around the holidays (e.g., Christmas, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, etc.). These packages usually offer a set number of classes and a heart rate monitor for a killer price! These packages don’t come around often, but if you are interested, call your local studio to see if anything like this is available.

Yes, this is a serious investment and may not be an option for everyone, but if you have wiggle room in your budget and you want to start taking care of YOU, this investment is so worth it!

Collin and Bryn Outside of an Orange Theory Fitness center where collin took her free class

Note from Bryn and Erica: I’m sure this post sounds like an advertisement but it’s NOT. This post was not sponsored by Orangetheory Fitness. We just really love this gym and had to share! If you are currently a member or you decide to give it a try, be sure to leave a comment and let us know what you think!

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