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Tichina Arnold, 54, is an actress who began her career as a child in 80s classic Little Shop of Horrors. Her career extended into adulthood, and she’d subsequently secure roles in major studio films including Big Momma’s House, Wild Hogs, Drillbit Taylor, The Main Event, and So Fly Christmas, among many others.

She’s also been prolific on the small screen, with TV roles beginning in childhood in Sesame Street and following through to The Jamie Foxx show, Soul Train, The Cosby Show, Punk’d, Everybody Hates Chris, and many, many more. Early in her career, a 1988 Daytime Emmy nomination for her role in Ryan’s Hope was just a hint of things to come. Tichina took home Image Awards in 1996 for her role in Martin, and in 2007 for her role in Everybody Hates Chris. She’s set to co-host the Super Bowl Soulful Celebration 25th Anniversary with her co-star from The Neighborhood, Cedric the Entertainer. It’s airing on Saturday, February 10th on CBS.

When she’s not racking up acting credits, Tichina happily takes on the role of mother to her one daughter, Alijah Kai Haggins. Here’s everything to know about Kai.

Who is Alijah Kai Haggins?

Alijah Kai is Tichina’s daughter, her only child, was born on March 16, 2004. Alijah is currently 19 years old, and she lists Los Angeles and Atlanta as her places of residence. Her father is music producer Carvin Haggins, who dated her mother from 2002-2007. In an interview with the late Joan Rivers, Tichina admitted that she thought she’d never be able to conceive children due to a battle with endometriosis.

“I didn’t even know I could have kids,” she told the TV star. “I had endometriosis really, really bad, so I kinda gave up on [having kids.] ‘Ah, I’m not gonna have kids, it’s OK,’” she recalled thinking. “And then I turn up pregnant!” Clearly, she was thrilled with the development. “She had to get here!” she exclaimed of her daughter’s arrival.

Tichina also shared the origins of Alijah’s unique and beautiful name, admitting that she’d planned to have a boy named Elijah. “I thought I was having a boy,” she told the legendary comedian. “So when I found out I was having a girl, her dad was like, ‘just change the E to a A. So it’s Ah-lijah,” she demonstrated the pronunciation.

Her Name Has a Special Meaning

During her interview with Joan, she shared the meaning of the name Alijah Kai. “So it’s ‘powerful god,’” she explained, hilariously adding that she “wears my a** out.” But even with the difficulties of parenting, she shared that having her daughter has been her most cherished achievement in life. “My greatest triumph: having my daughter,” she said in a 2016 interview with Black Enterprise.

What is Alijah Currently Doing? 

Like her mother, Alijah Kai is a performer. In 2022, she released her first single, “Ultimatums,” and the beautiful singer boasts 151k followers on Instagram, where she regularly shares her talents with her six-figure following. And luckily, her mom has been very supportive of her musical career path. “I always wanted my daughter to sing because I loved singing, but there was never any pressure for her to pursue music, so when she decided to become a singer, I was fully supportive and got a team for her,” Tichina once said.

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